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Skinny is Wellness Simplified

Our products are as versatile as you, whether you are using them for energy, or just to keep your diet in check. Blend with a banana and milk for a post workout pick-me-up, or keep a Skinny Go Pack in your pocket to mix with water between meetings. There is no wrong way to Do the Skinny Shake®.

Why Skinny Products?

Only the Highest Quality Ingredients in Amounts that Really Make a Difference

Many manufacturers of meal replacement products develop formulas with a long list of trendy ingredients. That's great for marketing! All too often, however, the per-serving ingredient amounts are too small to make a difference in the nutritional value of the product. Not Skinny products! Only the highest quality ingredients are included and only in highly effective per-serving quantities.

Find out what these ingredients can do for you:

Vitamin B Complex   Increase energy. Improve mood...
Chromium   Regulate blood sugar. Lower cholesterol...
Whey Protein Isolate   Builds muscle. Essential amino acids...
Yerba Mate   Strengthen immune system. Antioxidant rich...
Konjac Mannan   Reduce body weight. Regulate appetite...

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