5 Ways to Make Your Resolutions Last Past January

February is quickly approaching. How are those resolutions holding up? Started off strong? Slow and steady? Fallen off the horse? Whatever the case, it is challenging to keep any fitness resolution, especially if you are new to the fitness game. Here are five easy to follow tips to help make your resolutions last past January.


  1. Meal prepping is your friend.

Planning your meals is the simplest way to make sure you’re eating healthy and within the right portions. Your football team is done for the season; that means there is more time on Sundays to grocery shop and meal prep nutritious and easy meals to keep you satisfied throughout the week.


2. Always keep your water bottle handy.

Staying hydrated is a simple way to avoid cravings between meals. It also helps better digest the food you’ve already eaten.


3. Make a gym schedule and try your best to stick to it.

This is one of the most poplar new years resolutions and one that is broken often. Let’s change that! Get a personal trainer or join group classes to hold yourself to a workout. If you are low on funds, research workouts online and head to your living room.


4. Spice it up!

When people think of dieting, they think of bland food and constantly being hungry. There are thousands of recipes at our fingertips that are more than filling and bursting with flavor. One fun approach to cooking is to find a unique spice in your spice rack and search for recipes that center around it.


5. Get Friendly

Diet and exercise are always easier with friends. Having someone holding you to a healthier lifestyle increases the chances of actually living that lifestyle.


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