6 Body Positive Tips to Love Your Body

Love Your Body Day posterSkinny Health & Wellness is celebrating the “body positive” geared, “Love Your Body Day” (Oct 18th, 2018).

Love Your Body every day with Skinny Health & Wellness.  Here at Skinny Health & Wellness we want everyone to accept and embrace their body exactly as it is all along the journey to your best body and healthiest self.  Remember, even maintenance is part of the journey. Skinny Health & Wellness we support our Skinny Squad and want to remind everyone how proud we are to have you a part of our family.  We know it is important to have good self-esteem and self-love. Confidence plays a big part in how we treat ourselves, from eating right to handling stress and all the decisions we make in between.

1) Love Yourself

Start every day from now until the New Year by looking in the mirror and saying out loud “I love you, you are beautiful”. It may not be easy at first.  You may even sound a little sarcastic.  But, in time you will be able to look into your own eyes in the mirror and honestly and genuinely mean those words. Put a post it on the bathroom mirror to remind yourself to do it every day. We may not have achieved our goals yet.  But, that doesn’t mean we should put ourselves down.  Try this strategy instead.

2) Positive Self-Talk

End Negative Self-Talk By Replacing it with positive self-talk.  If you start criticizing and belittling yourself, stop and ask yourself “what would my best friend/partner/sibling say about how I look?” Speak to yourself with their words of love, support, and encouragement.  Post some words of positivity around your house.

3) Treat Yourself Well

Clothes that fit make you look and feel good. Don’t wait to reach your ideal weight to do the big reveal.  Just because you aren’t a size two doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy yourself some new jeans as your weight decreases.  If you feel you are too thin don’t hide your body in oversized clothes.   Remember it is an evolution.

4) Practice Self-Care

Get haircuts and manicures. Take care of your skin. Losing or gaining weight is only half of the goal. The goal is to look and feel your best.  Be the fresh-faced beautiful you every day.  As fashion designer Marina Rinaldi said, “ Style is not a size it is an attitude”.

5) Feed Yourself Well

Good nutrition is key to feeling your best. If you are trying to lose weight don’t just cut sweets out of your diet.  Rather, add new healthy sweets.  Add protein packed Vegan Skinny Smoothie® or Skinny Shake®  Chocolate or Vanilla flavors into your recipes for a healthy twist on desserts and baked goods.   Skinny Health & Wellness is Wellness Simplified.  If you want to look good on the outside you need to put good food inside.  Our high-quality ingredients will satisfy any craving.

6) Train Yourself

Exercise can help you to appreciate, accept, and love your body.  Working out makes you feel accomplished, capable, and strong.  You will appreciate what your body can achieve. You can stand taller and feel better about yourself as you build a work ethic that drives you to be your best. Remember, improving yourself is an ongoing process.  Skinny Health & Wellness is here to help.  But, you put the work in.  So you should be proud of yourself for your efforts. Be proud of your body, every day.  Start by loving yourself from the inside out with positivity and high-quality Skinny Health & Wellness products.   Check us out @TheRealSkinnyCo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be a part of our Skinny Squad community using #skinnysquad. Add #loveyourbody to share pics of your Love Your Body Day celebration.

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