7 Tricks to Stay on Track this Halloween

Beware the empty calories of the candy corn! October brings bags of candy home to await trick-or-treaters.  Don’t fall under the spell of bite-size candies.  Instead, stack the deck in your favor and do some magic of your own.  Stay on track this Halloween with these 7 magic tricks.

1The Disappearing Act.  

Keep sweets out of sight and out of mind.  Bring them out on Halloween not before.  Shop for candy right before All Hallows Eve leaving less time for temptation.

2Presto Chango.

Buy candy you don’t like.  What if there is no candy you don’t want?  Hand out Halloween stickers, rings and erasers or a sure-fire pleaser: glow sticks.  Ta Da!  The candy has vanished from your home. Magically change from hangry to happy with something nutritious, like a Vegan Skinny Smoothie® Go Pack. Poof!  You feel satisfied.

3~ Now you see them…Now you don’t.  

Toss extra candy after Halloween.  If you have kids put a one week limit on moderate Trick or Treat consumption.  Then get rid of the rest of the candy.  Remind the kids (and yourself) there is a season filled with treats ahead.

4~ Mind Reading.  

Know you will be tempted during a Halloween party or while trick-or-treating with the kids?  Have a nutrient packed, fiber-rich Skinny Shake® vanilla or chocolate protein shake beforehand, or have something healthy to snack on hand.  To feel like one of the kids again, try our crowd pleasing Skinny Shake® Puppy Chow Snack.

5~ Teleportation.  

Get away from trick-or-treating. Plan a social event that is not centered around candy.  Halloween is a great night for a costume party with music, healthy food and games for kids and adults.  Try making stuffed orange bell peppers.  Freeze plastic spiders in your ice cubes.  Carve or paint pumpkins.  Make teams compete to see who can make the best mummy out of a teammate and toilet paper.  There are lots of fun things to do at a party besides eating sweets.

6The Disappearing Water Trick.

Thirst will masquerade as hunger.  So, stay hydrated.

7~ Walking on Hot Coals.

It is no magic trick.  Just keep moving When you feel a slump coming on take a quick 10-minute walk break.  It can invigorate you and avoid the hocus-pocus of mindless “slump-snacking”.  Hosting getting to be a bit much?  Exercise can be used for stress relief too.  
Stay on track this Halloween season.  Skinny Health & Wellness is here to help with healthy options.  Skinny Shake® meal replacement shakes and our delicious Vegan Skinny Smoothie™ meal replacement make healthy choices as easy and twitching your nose.  Okay, maybe as easy as blinking your eyes.
If you lose sight of your goals, forgive your transgressions.  Then, levitate toward our Recipes section for inspiration.  Be proud of the accomplishments made this October and set goals for the months ahead.
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