Powerful Wellness Ideas from Skinny Health & Wellness

All aspects of your life contribute to your wellness. From good nutrition in the morning to healthy habits all day long, Team Skinny Health and Wellness wants our Skinny Squad to feel healthy and well.  For optimum health, make a decision to be actively aware of aspects of your life that impact your wellness.


Spiritual wellness is a very personal matter.  Examine your values.  Bring meaning and purpose into your life.  Take time to find a tranquil sense of serenity that will permeate all aspects of your life.  Many people use prayer and meditation. 


Having a positive attitude, a strong sense of self and healthy self-esteem all contribute to emotional wellness.  In conflict, strive to share your feelings and thoughts with others. Do so in a constructive manner.  Remain optimistic and don’t dwell on life’s occasional frustrations and disappointments.  Learn and grow from all life’s experiences.


Behave in a way that responsibly affects your community and environment.  Keep aware of protecting yourself from environmental threats like second-hand smoke and ultraviolet radiation in sunlight.  Set up your personal environment for success.  Remove empty calorie temptations and keep healthy snacks and on-the-go meal options on hand.


Live within your means.  Eliminate the stress of debt by setting up realistic pay-off plans.  Set short and long-term fiscal goals.


Build and grow interpersonal relationships with friends, family, and co-workers.  Have a positive social network.  Use good communication to foster a genuine connection with the people around you.  These relationships can offer support when life is difficult encouraging you to stay on track.  Having people who understand you is invaluable.


Take care of every aspect of your body.  Internally the basis of optimal health and functioning centers around physical activity and high-quality nutrition.  Don’t forget to show self-care externally with haircuts, clean and trimmed nails, and glowing skin.  


Ideally, create a work path that is interesting and meaningful.  If work doesn’t fully meet these needs, seek out volunteer opportunities.  Make use of your skills and talents to gain personal satisfaction.  Identify goals within your position and beyond.  Establish open communication with your employer and co-workers.  Balance work time and leisure time.


Be open to new stimulating issues and topics.  Delve deeper into subjects that already intrigue you.  Use the resources available to you to expand your knowledge and improve your skills.  Share your knowledge and skills with others.   Acquiring new habits isn’t easy.  Team Skinny Health & Wellness is here to encourage and support you along your path to your best body and healthiest self.  You are the Skinny Squad!  Join us @TheRealSkinnyCo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram  #TheRealSkinnySquad,#SkinnyCo.
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